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La Wuandia

Posted on 09 June 2014.
La Wuandia is The Power - The Melody - The Music - The Song - The Voice: a renowned multi-talented Singer/Songwriter/Promoter - this truly gifted Songstress is an...

Marzette Griffith

Posted on 21 May 2014.
Marzette Griffith Marzette Griffith has earned his notoriety as a well polished performer in the industry of music and dance. He has recorded numerous songs as a...

Ronnie B

Posted on 21 May 2014.
Ronnie B  Born and raised on the south side of Chicago,Now lives in Atlanta Music and Love are two universal languages, you don't have to speak the language...

Hines State Farm

Posted on 04 May 2014.

Make me a Cake

Posted on 04 May 2014.


Posted on 04 May 2014.


Posted on 04 May 2014.

Mary's Goodies

Posted on 04 May 2014.

Al Sharpton "An Informant"

Posted on 09 April 2014.
THE SMOKING GUN has tongues wagging this morning after publishing a report that claims Rev. AL SHARPTON, currently a REACH MEDIA syndicated radio host, worked, "as...

Frankie Knuckles

Posted on 02 April 2014.
Nobody can agree on who invented the blues or birthed rock & roll, but there is no question that house music came from Frankie Knuckles, who died Monday afternoon...

WzonRadio News

Posted on 01 April 2014.
Music Industry Grows First Time in a Decade on Digital Adele Adele's "21" was the best-selling album and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" was the best-selling...

Felony Davis

Posted on 01 April 2014.
Feloney Davis is back on the music scene and hotter than ever. I call you, you text me...FEL's sexy, smooth melodic styling resonatesthroughouthis music career...


Posted on 01 April 2014.
The turning point came for K'Jon while writing music in a Los Angeles hotel room. After years of putting out independent releases while working a day job to support...

Floyd Robinson

Posted on 01 April 2014.
The Floyd Harvey Robinson Project is the overall name for the artistic efforts of NuSoul/Jazz performer Floyd Robinson. Born in Detroit, Floyd's music is a combination...

Cardell Harrington

Posted on 01 April 2014.
CLASSIC SOUL ENTERTAINMENT Features CARDELL Cardell's latest CD is a triumph that should come as no surprise, this Chicago native has spent many years perfecting...
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